About Us

Posh Textiles translates the comfort of home into a sophisticated language for upholstery patterns used in hospitality, office and public spaces. For our collections, we collaborated with internationally renown textile designers to create weaves with unique visual and tactile appeal. Their patterns juxtapose subtle luster and sparks of reflectivity and plays with calligraphic abstraction. But today, upholstery textiles are also expected to work hard and address environmental concerns. We reconcile design and performance with sustainable environment practices while establishing a forward-looking take on elegance. In the end, a long lasting textile is not only defined by its wear, but also by its ability to remain visually relevant.


Posh Textiles is the American division of an Indian family of mill owners, in business for over 60 years. During this period, our manufacturing evolved from hand-woven silks to durable constructions produced in a modern, ISO 14001 certified factory in Bangalore with vast design capabilities. Our factory provides a fair and sustainable income to our employees and sustainability aspects are at the core of our sourcing practices. The Posh Textiles Collection was developed using post-consumer recycled polyester in combination with cotton, rayon and nylon.


Owning manufacturing facilities allows us to execute our design vision – and yours, whether through customization of standards or full custom development. Our products are made in India, but we have been established in the United States for two generations. We hold stock locally, in our own warehouse, with samples and yardage on hand for your project needs. Fast turnaround is fundamental to our excellent and attentive customer service. We are looking forward to working with you.