Posh Textiles and our mill is proficient in the creation of custom textile products for every market: Hospitality, Healthcare, Corporate, Education, Cruise Ships/IMO, Retail And Residential.
We have a staff of 20 artists and 10 designers waiting to assist you with your custom fabric needs. We will assist you in creating or modifying textiles to suit your individual requirements. We can create or modify textiles to increase durability, enhance fire resistance, improve stain repellency, or value engineer fabrics that meet or exceed industry standards.


  • Drapery & Sheers – We can weave a variety of constructions to achieve semi-sheer and sheer fabrics with a combination of embroidery and print to achieve your vision. Most of our draperies are 100% FR and passes NFPA-701 & IMO in some cases it can be treated to achieve NFPA-701.
  • Multi-Purpose – This is an amazing blend of styles, colors and textures that can be used on more than one surface. These fabrics that are suitable for upholstery bedding and drapery.
  • Custom Capabilities – We will reengineer our fabrics and yours to achieve a totally new look or purpose. Value engineering is a key aspect of this work.